The Art of the Andes

Lavaque Winery was founded in 1870 by Jose Lavaque in Salta, Argentina. The Don Rodolfo wines are named after his son Rodolfo Félix Lavaque, who carries on the family's winemaking legacy today. The Lavaque family's vineyards encompass some of the finest properties across the Mendoza, Salta and Catamarca wine regions, each meticulously planted for the best grapes suited to each terroir.


  • Mendoza is the viticultural powerhouse of all of Argentina, and for good reason. Located in the eastern foothills of the Andes, in the shadow of Mount Aconcagua, vineyards are planted at the some of the highest altitudes in the world, and the area is celebrated as one of the world's premier grape-growing regions.

  • San Rafael is considered a particularly precious oasis in Southern Mendoza, naturally irrigated by the Diamante and Atuel rivers, and blessed by an arid climate with rocky, sandy soil rich in Andean minerals.

  • 2,700 feet, the Don Rodolfo vineyards are located in a coveted, high altitude area, where warm days and cool nights allow the grapes to fully ripen with excellent acidity and rich aroma/flavor. The rivers are fed by pure, pollution-free water from melted glaciers in the Andes.

The Don Rodolfo wine collection focuses on Argentina's hallmark grapes.

  • Torrontés - This distinctive grape is a high-style cousin to Moscato, prettily perfumed with white peach, apricot and passion fruit. Floral on the palate, yet crisp and dry on the finish, it pairs very well with sweet-and-sour or curry dishes, and spicy foods with fiery chiles and horseradish.

  • Tannat -Taken to Uruguay by Basque settlers in the 19th century and populated in Argentina, this grape is celebrated for its big, bold flavors showcasing rich red berries and blackcurrant, with chocolate notes and soft tannins. Enjoy Tannat tonight, with barbecue ribs, rich cheeses, chorizo and game meats.

  • Malbec - The signature grape of Argentina flourishes at our vineyards in Mendoza's South Region near the Andes Mountains. Our winemakers coax forth the best, in big, rich and deep flavors of berries, cassis and plums.

  • Pinot Noir - Cultivated with cool climate influences, this lovely wine is concentrated in its aromas and flavors with a black cherry nose that leads into a savory red fruit palate.

  • Cabernet Sauvignon - Rich, with juicy red fruit notes and a spicy black pepper finish.

  • Moscato - This is the wine that Cleopatra famously preferred, for its beautiful floral nose, silky peach and apricot flavors, and delicately sweet style.
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